Connect Transformational Ministry Process

Connect ~ Jesus ~ One Another ~ the World

Indiana-Kentucky Synod
Transformational Ministry Process
Pastor Nancy Nyland
Director for Evangelical Mission
Indiana-Kentucky Synod, ELCA
Cell Phone: 317.625.4057

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Connect is a two-year process in which congregations engage.  There are training sessions every six months called Links.  Four lay people from the Transformation Team and the pastor (if they have one) attend each Link.

Upfront Work

  • Congregations self-identify or are identified by the DEM (Director for Evangelical Mission).
  • DEM meets with the congregation council to explain Connect and to begin to develop relationship and trust with the congregational leaders.
  • DEM explains Connect to the congregation during ‘sermon time’ at Sunday Worship.
  • Congregation decides whether to participate in Connect. Affirmation from a majority of people is desired.
  • Congregation signs a Transformational Ministry Covenant for Connect.
  • Congregation forms a Transformation Team consisting of 4-7 people.
  • Congregation completes pre-work – completion of a Transformation Profile.

Connect Process:

  • Training sessions are held every six months – Link 1, Link 2, Link 3, Link 4.
  • The training sessions are held from 5:00 p.m. on Friday to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday.
  • Four lay leaders from the congregation’s Transformation Team and their pastor (if they have one) attend each Link.
  • Renewing Mission Table members and the DEM are the trainers for the Links.
  • Link 1 and Link 2 trainings are held one weekend and Link 3 and Link 4 trainings are held the next weekend. All trainings are in the same venue – a congregation in Indianapolis.
  • Link 1 – Spiritual Transformation, Link 2 – Systemic Transformation, Link 3 – Faith Practices & Missional Planning, Link 4 – How to continue renewal.


  • Each congregation is accompanied by a coach who is in contact with the Transformation Team monthly.
  • Each coach is accompanied by a Renewing Mission Table member.
  • Coaches are recruited and trained by the DEM and the Renewing Mission Table members.
  • After each Link training, there are development activities for the congregation, the Transformation Team (individually and as a whole), and the pastor.
  • Coaches hold the congregations accountable to the development activities.
  • Congregations are expected to grow their Mission Support as part of the renewal process.

Bringing the training home to the congregation

  • Congregations are given binders at the beginning of the training with all training materials.
  • Those attending the Link training are asked to complete reflection/learning/action guides throughout the training, which inform their work at home.
  • Development Activities ensure on-going engagement in renewal.

Components of Connect

  • Descriptive, not prescriptive
  • Flexible enough to fit any context
  • Lay driven process
  • Accountability and accompaniment
  • The beginning of a life-long renewal journey


  • Facts/info on Transformational Ministry Profile
  • Congregational Vitality Survey
  • LEAD Survey
  • Evaluations at end of Links
  • Coaches and DEM assessments
  • Synodical Renewing Congregations Strategies Evaluation Plan

Thank You

  • Appreciation is given for a grant awarded by the ELCA Campaign for Synodical Renewal Processes.
  • Appreciation is given for the Mission Support that comes from congregations in the IK Synod.
  • Appreciation is given to Rev. Neil Harrison and the ELCA Renewal Team for the TM 2.0 training that the IK Synod Renewing Mission Table attended in order to gain the knowledge to develop the Connect Process and its curriculum.

Where every member is a missionary, every pastor is a mission director, and every congregation is a mission center.